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In-floor heating or radiant heating is becoming a more popular method of heating homes in the Calgary area. In-floor heating provides a more even heating source in your home since it heats from the floor up and radiates up. On top of a more evenly heated home you also will get the benefit of a warm floor underneath your feet on a cold winter day.

In floor heating is typically installed at rough in state of a household due to the fact it is installed in the basement concrete floors or installed as in-joist heating if installed above grade. Another option for installing in-floor heating is running the piping above subfloor/concrete in a pipe system called Quik Trak, which gives you the option of install at more of a renovated state.

If on cold morning you don’t want to take a shower because of cold tiled floor, talk to your Superstar Plumbing about upgrading your floor heating system as well. We offer multiple floor heating systems that are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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