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Bathroom Plumbing

  • Superstar Plumbing offers a lot of services in your bathroom than simply unclogging and snaking your pipes. Our plumbers repair, renovate and install fixtures in loos throughout city. Our repairs and new installations prevent high expenditure by lowering on water waste and water consumption for all of your fixtures. With our expertise we provide you fast and economical plumbing services and recommendation with new bathroom styles. If you’re having troubles with your fixtures in your bathroom, Give us a call or contact us through online contact form
  • Our plumbers understand pipes and plumbing fixtures which may have complex layout and structure. We will ensure all your plumbing issues are resolved in no time.
  • Superstar plumbing just not only repair and service but also provide maintenance and installation services as well. We replace faucets, old pipes, valves, fixtures and give a modern makeover to your home or bathroom and kitchen

Toilet Plumbing

We install environmentally-friendly toilets which will reduce your water bill as these are  low water consumption units.  We install and repair all type of toilets types and models. We carry one of the best brands in the industry to allow you wide selection of range within every budget. Our repairs seal up your toilets to make them work as efficiently as possible. For new renovations, we sell and install the top brands that offer high energy savings and low water consumption.

Call Superstar plumbing for all kinds of Toilet Plumbing needs such as

Shower and Bath Tub

Our  shower and tub choices help you maximize your  bathroom in your home. Even small space can feel like a spacious spa with the proper fixtures and layout. Our plumbers will assist you understand the best way to give your bath area  a makeover that may increase your enjoyment of your home and to its marketing price within the future. Superstar plumbing also repair older  showers and tubs to give you back your reposeful retreat.

Faucets and Sinks

Similar to our bathroom choices, the tap and Sinks in our Studio focuses on low water consumption fixtures. we sell and install new eco-friendly options, how ever also service existing fixtures to get them working properly. The new eco-friendly fixtures cangive you high efficiency while not sacrificing water pressure. Our eco-friendly taps also consume less energy from a hot-water heater.

Call Superstar Plumbing for

on-time service for your tap and sink installations and repairs in your home. Our Experts can help with all your tap and sink needs from helpful advice on the right look and design to showing you the latest options and accessibility upgrades.


Frozen Pipes and Repairs

Superstar Plumbing can help you with repairs of Frozen pipes, blockages & leaks to re-piping and new installation.

At Super Star Plumbing we use the latest technology to detect and locate the root cause of any problem inside your pipes and offer wide range of solutions including repairs,flushing, re-piping and solutions to water pressure problems.

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